What to Get a Man Who Has Everything for Valentine’s Day-How About a Bouquet of Flowers?

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More and more women are taking the plunge and ordering flowers for the man in their life. Flowers are thought of as a romantic gift.  Traditionally it is a gift that is given to a woman from a man.  Romantic men send flowers often.  Romance, however is not exclusively reserved for men. The flowers and the men that send them are appreciated; they give smiles and make memories that last a lifetime.  A woman that receives flowers will remember them forever… “I remember when I was having this really bad day and so-and-so sent me this big bunch of tulips.  It turned my whole day around.”  The cards men write?  They are saved forever! Likewise a woman who sends flowers sends a message both in the card she sends and in the initiative taken to send the flowers. It speaks volumes of the type of woman you are. Independent, unafraid, spontaneous and romantic is a few characteristics of the feminine sender. Indelible impressions made upon an appreciative recipient.

The male recipient probably has never received flowers before.  What greater impact than to be the first.  Will he remember the Valentine’s day he received flowers?  Chances are “yes”.  Will the flowers make him smile?  He will laugh, he will smile, and he will feel giddy and like a king amongst envious men.

Write a romantically witty card and you have doubled the impact.  Want to add spice to your gift, send a sultry message on the card. Some may be embarrassed giving the message to a floral designer. Easy, send the flowers through an E-commerce portal such as starflor.com and write your message in privacy. Perhaps a simple message such as “I Love You” is all you need. Does anyone get tired of hearing that they’re loved?

So what kind of flowers do you send a man?  Do they need to be masculine, over the top rustic, dark colored with lots of pointy things, twigs and branches?  Perhaps roses that haven’t been de-thorned. No, not necessary.  Should they be super-pink and feminine?  Not that either!  Unless… he has a super sense of humor and the goal is to embarrass your construction worker on the jobsite!  All flowers are beautiful so send him something beautiful!  There is no need to over try for “masculine flowers” (I don’t even know that there is such a thing).  Send him his favorite team colors or colors of the university where you met. Perhaps flowers native to your honeymoon destination.  Did you go to a romantic dinner and there was a bud vase on your table that became the topic of romantic conversation?  Send him a bouquet of those.

Here are a couple of “rules” in picking your flowers:

  • Make your bouquet with one type of flower.  Not a mixed bunch.
  • Make your flowers in a short vase.  Nothing too tall and not in a wicker basket.
  • No pastels…

Bright yellow or mango-toned miniature calla lilies, purple tulips, burgundy orchids, or even a tight nosegay of green roses will all achieve your goal to get his mind focused squarely on you and nothing else!

Men are just as capable of appreciating the moment, the beauty of the bloom and the heart of the person that sent them.  DON’T underestimate your man’s emotions.

So now you have an assignment –

a. Think about what your card will say.

b. Pick your flowers.

c. Send them…

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What to Get a Man Who Has Everything for Valentine’s Day-How About a Bouquet of Flowers?

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What to Get a Man Who Has Everything for Valentine’s Day-How About a Bouquet of Flowers?

This article was published on 2011/01/20
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